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What is a cheerleading expert witness?

A cheerleading expert witness is a person who has specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in cheerleading, and who provides testimony in legal proceedings as an expert in cheerleading. Their role is to assist the court in understanding complex technical, scientific, or specialized aspects of cheerleading that are relevant to the case at hand. An expert witness in cheerleading can offer opinions, insights, and testimony on issues related to cheerleading safety, rules and regulations, training, coaching, and other matters.

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Ryan has opined on several cheerleading cases.


Ryan has been in the cheerleading industry for more than a decade.


Ryan is able to provide hands-on demonstrations when needed.


Ryan's experience in deposition review provides your team with consice feedback.

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Ryan's Background

Ryan P. Kline serves as an Expert Witness, assisting counsel in all aspects of cheerleading and consults on issues of safety, rules and regulations, competitions, and accident analysis and re-creation. As an Expert Witness, Ryan brings 10+ years of experience in cheerleading with expertise in coaching, instruction, safety, and standards of care.

Ryan has gained his expertise by coaching at both the High School and Collegiate level of the sport of cheerleading. Safety is one of Ryan’s most important values. He practices that on a daily basis by ensuring the safety of his cheerleading athletes at practices and events, and also enforces both local and national rules and guidelines.

Ryan is certified by USA Cheer for meeting the necessary requirements to obtain the “USA Cheer Safety & Risk Management Certification” (formerly the AACCA Safety Certification) and has also completed the 2021-2022 High School NFHS Rules Courses for Coaches.

While Ryan does have a background in All-Star Cheerleading, his focus is school cheerleading and has served counties and school boards as an Expert Witness for lawsuits brought against the district, employees, and gym owners.

If you are looking for a cheerleading Expert Witness, look no further than Ryan P. Kline, with his years of experience he has become one of the most trusted names in Expert Witnesses for cheerleading. Contact Ryan today by filling out the form below, and we will research and give valuable insight into your case. Ryan’s connections in the cheerleading space also allows him to recruit additional experts as needed for specific questions and or demonstrations. Your initial case consultation is always free, prior to retention.

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Questions about cheerleading lawsuits?

In a cheerleading lawsuit, common questions that may arise include:

  1. Liability for injuries: Who is responsible for the injury sustained by the cheerleader during a cheerleading event or practice? Was the injury a result of the cheerleader’s own actions, the actions of a coach or instructor, the lack of proper equipment or facilities, or some other factor?

  2. Compliance with safety standards: Did the cheerleading program comply with established safety standards and guidelines for cheerleading, such as those set by organizations like the National Federation of State High School Associations or the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators?

  3. Coach training and qualifications: Was the coach of the cheerleading team properly trained and qualified to lead the team, and were they following established coaching practices and procedures?

  4. Negligence: Did the parties involved in the cheerleading program act negligently, such as by failing to provide proper training, equipment, or supervision, or by ignoring known risks or hazards?

These are some of the common questions that may arise in a cheerleading lawsuit, and the answers to these questions will play a critical role in determining the outcome of the case, and Ryan P. Kline can assist in answering them for you.

3 Common Cheerleading Injuries

  1. Sprains and strains: These are often caused by overuse or improper landing during stunts and tumbling, and can affect the ankles, knees, and wrists.

  2. Concussions: Head injuries can occur from falls or collisions during stunts and can result in concussions.

  3. Fractures: Cheerleaders are at risk of fractures, particularly in the arms, legs, and ankles, from falls or impact during stunts.

It is important for cheerleading programs to follow proper safety guidelines and provide proper training and equipment to minimize the risk of these and other injuries.

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